Barbie and the Rockers: History and Related Dolls

Barbie® and the Rockers were released in 1986 in the US. In Europe, the same dolls were available under the name Barbie and the Rock Stars. A second wave of US Rockers were released in 1987 with "Real Dancing Action" (female dolls only) and the addition of Ken.

This site concerns itself only with the original 1986 dolls as well as international releases that were related to or inspired by Barbie and the Rockers. More information on later US releases up to the present day can be found on The Barbie Wiki.

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US Rockers ©1985


Note: Several variants existed with different fabrics used, in particular for Barbie's top, jacket, and tights.

Argentina Rock Stars (Top Toys) ©1985


Venezuela Rockers (Rotoplast) ©1986


See Variant Diva 1 and Variant Diva 2

Brazil Em Ritmo de Rock (Estrela) ©1986


Brazil Roqueiros (Estrela) ©1987


Brazil New Wave (Estrela) ©1988